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20 November 2014 @ 01:24 am
Hey! Just letting you know that claims are now open for multiples by the same artist -- as in, if you are an artist and you've already claimed a story to work with, but there's another one you like and you're confident you can do everything you're claiming, you can go ahead and claim it :)

I feel like that was a long, run on sentence, but it probably got my point across.

There are still a slew of fantastic stories available, if you're on the fence about trying your hand. Let me know if you have questions!

Summaries are here!

Claiming can go here!
15 November 2014 @ 03:00 pm

At this point, just one claim per person, please. If we have remaining summaries, we'll open it up for multiple claims in few days.

Artists, use this copy and paste form to make your claim:

Proxies, use this copy and paste form to make a claim for your bud (and thanks for your help!):


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13 November 2014 @ 09:14 pm
OHEMGEE. It's very nearly artist claim time, which is basically one of my favourite days of the year. There are a few outstanding summaries (well like, they're all very clearly outstanding, but I meant they haven't been turned in yet) for a few people who have extensions, so if we get any stragglers, I'll add them on to the bottom of the post so as to not mess up the carefully ordered numbers (spoiler alert, they're in numerical order!).

Artists: peruse at your leisure, and set up a proxy claimer if you won't be around for the opening of claims and you see something you cannot live without and don't want to run the risk of losing out on. Claims are first come, first serve, and we won't double up on claims (read: more than one artist making art for 1 story) unless/until all the stories are claimed once. There's going to be a separate post for claims (take a peek at previous rounds for an idea as to how it looks, if you're unclear).

Authors: if something is wrong with your summary/info, or you submitted it and yours is missing, let me know ASAP so I can fix.

Without further ado...

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10 November 2014 @ 05:32 pm
It's that time again. :D

WHAT?: Rough drafts and summaries for artists are DUE. Also to be included is the following information (no, no titles needed at this point in time):

WHEN?: 12th November, 2014, midnight, your local time. Earlier is always acceptable, but if you're going to be later, email or PM the mod ASAP for further instructions.

WHERE?: Email your draft as an attachment or a link to an unlocked Google Drive/Google Docs file to Do not paste your entire draft into the body of an email and send it.

WHY?: Because Sexy Round Six is going to be awesome and you so want in on it.

When you have sent in your draft, you will get an email back once it's been checked over and there are no further questions from me.

SO ARTISTS. Hi. How you doin'? You all look nice today. You can expect to see the preview page of summaries up on 13th November (probably evening times, EST), and claims will be opening Saturday, 15th November, 3pm EST (GMT -5).

It is not too late to sign up as an artist, and hey, if you can put together a fic draft that you're proud of and confident in to send in on 12th November, more power to you and you're totally not too late to sign up either <3

Questions? Leave 'em here!
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21 October 2014 @ 11:48 am
Second author check in!

Only 23 days left until drafts are due. Just a reminder that you need 8,000 words to qualify, as well as a summary that will make artists sit up and take get all excited about your stuff. If you're anything like me, you will need to get thinking about that summary. Ugh, summaries. Titles not required though, so... maybe it'll be okay? ;)

Questions and comments always welcome! Hope everyone's drafts are shaping up, but don't worry if they're not. It's still more than possible to write up something kick ass. I have faith in everyone <3
22 September 2014 @ 11:28 am
Hi everyone, posting from a strange computer, so forgive any typos. I am terrible at acclimatizing to new keyboards.


Nothing major, nothing mandatory, just pop into the comments below if you feel like it and let us know how you're doing.

Still tons of time to sign up as an author or as an artist, and plenty of time to wrangle friends and loved ones in to doing the same :)

And as always, let me know if there are questions or concerns <3
20 August 2014 @ 10:28 pm
To sign up as an artist for Poly Big Bang please make sure you read the FAQ (and if you have any questions ask them there). Once you have read the FAQ and understand what's expected of you, you can comment with the following:


LJ username:
Type: i.e., traditional art, graphics, vid, fanmix, &c&c
Are you willing to create art for more than one story?
Would you be willing to sign up as a pinch-hitter?
Other comments:

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20 August 2014 @ 10:26 pm
To sign up as an author for the Poly Big Bang please make sure you read the FAQ (and if you have any questions ask them there). Once you have read the FAQ and understand what's expected of you, comment with the following:


LJ username:
Possible Fandom(s):
Possible Characters/Relationships:
Other Comments:

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20 August 2014 @ 09:34 am
Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have additional questions, please feel free to ask them below or contact a mod. The moderator for this challenge is unavoidedcrisis. You can also email me at

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18 August 2014 @ 08:15 pm
Good evening, good morning, hello hello, and welcome. I reckon it's about time for another round. Here's our schedule for the upcoming round. The FAQ is still virtually unchanged from previous rounds, but I'll be reposting it soon. We might be doing some remodelling around here, too, so keep a lookout for that.

Feel free to ask questions here, or on the soon-to-be FAQ (which I will link here when it's ready).

\o/ Poly time!

August 21st: Sign Ups Open
November 12th: Rough Drafts of Written Pieces are Due
November 15th: Artist Claims
December 15th: Posting Date Claims
December 30th: Posting Begins! Party time!
10 April 2014 @ 12:59 pm
Oh hai! I heard you liked poly fic, so I made a big ol' list for you! Schedule for round 6 will be coming in the next week or so, and look sharp for a new comm layout too! Hope everyone is well <3

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26 November 2013 @ 11:47 am
Title: Gospel For The Fallen Ones
Author: dimeliora
Artist: clex_monkie89
Fandom: SPN
Wordcount: 21,158
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Benny Lafitte
Pairing(s): Sam/Dean/Benny
Prompt(s): Written for the polybigbang and at cherie_morte's insistence that this pairing and me trying the BB was a good idea. I'll decide the tone of that sentence later.
Disclaimer: I don't own what I built on, but I do own a fabulous hat.
Summary: AU in which Benny escapes his Nest and moves to a small town called Atwood where he boards with the socially outcasted Winchester brothers.
Warnings: Uh, so there's graphic sex in this (shocker I know), but also a good deal of violence and some very strong language. And several bad jokes. That last one is the most likely to be offensive I think.
Art Masterpost: Here
Fic Masterpost: Here

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22 November 2013 @ 09:49 pm
Title: I've watched you change
Author: stefy_coool
Artist: moku_youbi
Fandom: Supernatural
Relationship/Characters: Wincestiel (DeanSamCas, DeanCas, SamCas, SamDean), past establish Sam/Cas, mention of past implied underage non establish Dean/Sam.
Word count: 16 065
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Pwp Case!fic, AR after season 5. This is not an omega!verse.
Content notes/Warnings: Explicit, Non-con transformation/body mod/mind control/rape/murder, lots of non-con, mention of implied underage. Kinks: Bondage, BDSM, Barebacking/dry sex, Knotting, Heat, Masturbation, Breathplay, Biting, Incest, D/s, threesome.
Author’s note: The characters’ opinions in this story are not mine. I do not support rape in any form and do not believe it can be excusable.
Also, lol, this was meant to be so much darker and totally ended up pwp. Oh well!

Summary: When Dean and Sam go on a hunt against the Alpha werewolf, they fall in a trap. Now they have to deal with the consequences of their mistakes.

Fic Masterlist
Art Masterlist
22 November 2013 @ 04:24 pm
Title: Made to Be Broken

Artist: N/A
Fandom: Torchwood/Harry Potter
Relationship(s)/Characters:Draco/Ianto/Jack, Blaise/Seamus, Snape/Harry, Sirius/Remus, Charlie/Tosh, Bill/Neville/Oliver, George/Luna, Fred/Hermione, Rhys/Gwen,Rhys/Owen, past Ianto/Lisa, and past Doctor/Neville/Rose
Word Count: 22,669
Rating: R
Content Notes/Warnings: Minor character death
Summary: After the tragic events with the Cyberwoman Ianto is an emotionally shattered and mentally broken mess. There is no longer any place for him in Torchwood and he returns home to the only other place he knows, the wizarding world. Can he find healing there? Who will help fix this broken soul, maybe someone just as broken as him? But is Jack as willing to let Ianto go as he seems?

Title: tales of a love in parts of a whole
Author: prettykitty_aya/words_unravel
Artist: bunnymcfoo
Fandom: One Direction
Relationship(s)/Characters: OT5, various pairings
Word Count: ~26,600
Rating: Explicit
Content Notes/Warnings: Sexual Content, Genderswap (girl!Harry, girl!Louis, girl!Niall)
Summary: Liam spends his days working at the coffee shop, doing his best to figure out the relationship between his coworkers, Louis and Harry, how exactly their friends Zayn and Niall are involved, and whether or not anyone will remember to put the caramel syrup back in its proper place. (Hint: they're all sleeping together and no, no one ever remembers.)

Fic: posted on AO3
Art: coming soon!
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